Confidence & Motivation: 2 day workshop


  • A challenging opportunity to explore alternative choices and broaden horizons
  • Relax, ponder, clarify, express, confirm, connect and listen.
  • Get back in touch with your potential and goals, realise vocational options.
  • An uplifting chance to boost confidence, deepen self esteem & galvanise creative energies. 
  • Refocus on unique gifts, strengths, skills, organisation and resources to inspire good performance and deal confidently at interviews.
  • Overcome nerves to find one's own voice, communicating authentically with conviction and flair. 


Make your voice heard through:

  • Visualisation and role play exercises &, assertiveness skills.
  • Expanding hidden talents and gifts
  • Assessing and being aware of  body language
  • Vocal exercises to warm up and project
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques to banish and use nerves positively
  • Goal setting


Handouts include:


Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Life
Combating Nerves