Overcome hurdles to maximise your potential and get the job you really want.


What stops you achieving it? What do you need to get there?


  • A challenging opportunity to explore alternative choices and broaden your horizons, helping you move into an exciting, new phase of your life.
  • Dynamic master class using journalistic techniques, role-play, life skills and an encyclopaedia of tips to inspire self belief and strengthen confidence.


Focusing on gifts, strengths and resources, and clarifying employment goals, this workshop will offer practical support and help participants communicate successfully.


A unique chance to:


  • Strengthen confidence within a supportive, non-judgemental environment
  • Develop fluent research & communication skills to sell yourself powerfully at the interview.
  • Focus on personal/professional goals
  • Sharpen ability to articulate talent, deliver succinct answers to tricky questions & ask resonant questions of your own
  • Become confident & professional, empowered & empowering.
  • Transform nerves into a relaxed mood to confidently deliver information & answer questions
  • Impress with determination & passion
  • Act from employer’s perspective: What might employer be looking for? How will they benefit? What new ideas or strengths can you bring to the company?




  • Preparation, checklists and follow up
  • Mock interviews
  • Insightful, professional feedback with an opportunity for re-runs, putting suggestions into practice
  • Comprehensive handouts.