‘Only Connect.’ (E M Forster):

What inspires you?
  Reach out to other people for support, work, money, contacts, to communicate. Overcome nerves to be confident & professional, empowered & empowering.


  • Learn to ask: `How can this person help me? What are you bringing to the table?
  • Positive thinking & visioning the future.
    Find your authentic voice.
  • Assertiveness: how do you make your voice heard & stand your ground?  
  • Make an impact: how best to put idea across?
  • Pitch ideas: tell a story; deliver argument/point of view concisely & effectively,
  • Be provocative & challenging, think on your feet: impress with focus & passion
  • See connections between people & ideas, creative friendships & collaborations,
  • Start an effective networking plan: maps, targets and timescales


The workshop assesses attributes and skills. Asks questions:

  • Being professional: What areas of the industry do you want to work in?
  • Where do you want to go? This is what I need.  This is how I’m going to get there.
  • What are your USPs? Unique gifts?
  • What is your vision?
  • The key to selling yourself without selling your soul: good networkers develop a reputation for helping others: the purpose of live media, voluntary & public sectors and ethical industry


The workshop includes:

  • Mental warm up, breathing & vocals     
  • Physical, body language & eye contact
  • Assertiveness - How do you make yr voice heard?
  • Standing your ground in face of tricky interviewers and media moguls   
  • Present yourself - what do you want to say and how/why?
  • Employer’s perspective: What does employer want? What might they be looking for?
  • Being curious, feeling enriched through meeting people and building relationships 
  • Respond to opportunities and links. Connecting in all situations


ONLY CONNECT:  Communicating:

  • The ability to make meaningful connections.
  • Creative friendships & collaborations.
  • Act as a sounding board/clearing house for others.
  • Being professional, enthusiastic, confident, open and genuinely interested.
  • Word of mouth most effective form of self marketing.
  • Solving blocks to achieve goals.
  • Developing career plans.