Public Speaking

Presentation and Pitching Skills

Presentation for Interviews


Create, structure and deliver a presentation with flair. Challenging workshops giving practical tools to work on solo, partner and group presentations


Public Speaking:


  • Create and deliver a speech with flair
  • Connect & engage with your audience to make an impact.
  • Draft, organise, structure and edit material
  • Classic speech structures.
  • Punchy introductions, hard hitting content, succinct finales
  • Borrow from a variety of styles used by politicians and stand up comics, using radio & video clips.
  • Vocal, physical and technical skills including use of microphone to create a clear, dynamic presentation

    Presentation & Pitching Skills:


    • Clarify and structure thought ... getting to the heart of an idea
    • Explore dynamic, succint ways of putting it across to prospective employers, production companies & potential funders – if necessary in three sentences.
    • Be vocal & physically alive
    • Effectively communicate with a partner.
    • Transform nerves into a relaxed mood to confidently deliver short speeches and presentations
    • Animate & listen to audiences.
    • Role play
    • Difficult pitches
    • Individual advice and feedback with an opportunity for re-runs.



    Presentation Skills for Interviews:


    • Become a powerful communicator, incorporating portfolio or ideas into the interview situation
    • What do you want to say and why?
    • Compile, structure & edit material.
    • Personal profile, strengths and goals
    • Confidence building to combat nerves.
    • Vocally strong; physically relaxed
    • Individual style
    • Role play & mock interviews
    • Incisive feedback and re-runs



Norma is currently coaching & compering novelists & poets performing to audiences: & The rest will follow spoken word salon


"Arriving at Waterstones, Covent Garden, I was greeted by actor, author and professional voice coach, Norma Cohen.  Fortunately for the participants, helping people make the most of their voices and their words is where Norma excels. She encouraged us to engage with every member of the audience – and since the audience would be sitting in a semicircle, this meant moving about and making eye contact. Norma was happy with my general delivery, but suggested places where I should pause to give the words time to sink in, and words where greater inflection was required. She wanted me to start the chapter with a shout – quite an intimidating prospect!


As it progressed, the practice session became interactive. Norma had us each read lines from our first chapters in turn, which gave us the opportunity to compare delivery techniques and had the effect of making us match rather than compete with each other’s voices. Finally, before the audience arrived, she put us through some relaxation exercises – to which I added a glass of white wine, for good measure."