What I do...


Over the last 11 years, I have developed Vital Sparks empowering communication skills workshops and master classes. These LOOKING IN, LOOKING OUT workshops explore  motivation, self image, dreams & work goals via dynamic partner work, questioning and Blue Sky thinking, sketching, relaxation, vocals and movement before focusing outwards to the worlds of employment and industry.


Participants have included media professionals, engineers, trainee football coaches, accountants, women returners & internees. Recent participants include employees facing redundancy: senior administrators, PAS, education welfare & business support officers, conference organisers & librarians, care workers, receptionists & teachers.


Sessions draw from physical and vocal theatre skills, comedy, journalism, sketching, role-play, movement & dance, interactive partner and group work.


Workshops consistently help participants:

  • boost self confidence and employability skills
  • realise vocational options
  • explore practical ways of achieving them within a difficult economic climate of redundancy and cuts.


High energy and FUN!


  • I bring my experience and skills from the worlds of theatre, film, radio, dance, journalism & education, and my own interest in therapeutic life skills to create workshop conditions that help promote positive change. 




My motivational workshops are powerful and transforming, helping participants:

  • Spark creative energies, kickstart the imaginative process and recharge
  • Increase self belief & motivation
  • Open up new horizons to explore the work they want to do
  • Focus on hidden abilities, develop confidence and renewed drive 
  •  Unearth blocks to work goals, offering practical ways to overcome them 
  • Realise their strengths and relate to people more effectively
  • Develop fluent, effective communication skills
  • Impress potential employers and perform better at the interview
  • Develop collaborative spirit to maximise potential.
  • Successfully influence audiences to absorb new information & ideas 


Interactive and inspiring


Whilst I work with from a tight structure, offering detailed handouts for each session, I don't work with PowerPoint. I don't work with desks.


It works.


 I simply work with a group sitting in a circle on chairs and focus on individual needs and issues, making each session unique and tailor-made. My approach is flexible and organic.

Whilst running a tight ship, I believe in the strength of the group itself, coupled with the ever amazing creativity, inventiveness and experience of group members, to offer up solutions. I believe people have the power to transform themselves and their world.  I have the capacity to energise and inspire them to do so.


My workshops act as a catalyst, offering a creative turning point to help people focus on what profoundly matters to them workwise, locating hidden gifts and discovering renewed drive. Sessions often become a clearing house for new ideas, a stepping stone encouraging people to achieve what they really want from life.