I am a graphic designer, illustrator, screenprinter with experience from the early days of rotring pen and drawing board, through html coding to the current multitude of online expression.

Originally specialising in magazine design (Dimbleby Publishing, British Journal of Photography, City Limits, Fashion Weekly magazine, International Textiles) and evolving into website design and digital publishing.

My particular strength is to translate your individual style into a bespoke visual communication that expresses the essence and depth of your work in a clear and effective way.

I bring my experience in how to keep the viewers attention on the page and lead them though the content. I offer insights into the relationship between your website and social media. A website is a portal offering development of portfolios (still and moving images), archives, private client spaces, newsletters and diaries and opens opportunities for ongoing expansion.

I work with you in a collaboration, starting with a conversation about your website purpose and needs, your likes and style and translating this into a personalised website graphic design style.


case study

brief: professional, creative, glamourous, clean, simple, archival, portfolio

an archival autobiographical portfolio of Roger Britnell’s work – the client asked for a one page website with simple scroll facility for easy accessibility and an overview of the content.

case study

brief: dramatic, interesting, unique, connected, warm, approachable, attractive, modern, youthful, useful, effective

an international acting agency with an individual style and niche, quirky clientele. Use of landing page with spotlight based logo, contact details, Prada typography (Luxury Platinum font) and subtley animated star symbols which light up and engage the attention on mouse over. Professional deep warm grey with clean acid yellow highlights.


case study

brief: online shop and portfolio for luxury accessories – scarves and squares made with my illustrated textiles.   Personalised diary and source of interesting stories to keep the reader returning to the website. Fine Art print service.

Opens with overview images of people wearing scarves and details of the products which click through to specifications and stories of individual scarves. Animated logo.


case study

brief: online portfolio for my website design, illustration and graphic design.

simple clean, clear display of previous work and style. Animated logo for consistent identity.


Olivia Owen Photography


Current site made using squarespace template. Fits into flat simple style used by a lot of contemporaries, using ready made squarespace templates.

I like the analogue handdrawn logo and the clear presentation of high resolution images. I would retain these.

I would remove the landing page – it involves more work for the viewer
who then has to click though before seeing any actual photographic work.

I suggest immediately opening on an overview of your work and style leading into a structured organization of your images into specific categories and projects.

Bringing in a visual colour coded navigation possibly based on aperture animation.



Graphic Design for website

Visual led organisation and access to content through typography, symbol and colour used with wit and elegance.

The images and their stories are the most important thing – the design will be clean clear and focusing attention on the photographs. Translating your individual style into a bespoke visual communication that expresses the essence and depth of your work in a clear and effective way.

Navigation symbols based on aperture animation


aperture animation


Category overviews – Fashion, Beauty, Jewellery etc… click through to individual projects including stories and videos from behind the scenes.

Video galleries.

Blog/Diary pages – more stories behind the scenes.

Private client spaces with password access.

Consistent style and pattern across digital and printed media.

Opportunities for online Fine Art Print purchases

Optimised images with archival and SEO labelling.

Social media links.

Instagram shopping links to specific website pages.

Instagram feed page.



I suggest a clean clear layout that provides an platform to display work in an organised, beautiful, accessible way.

The SQUARESPACE format you have chosen is very stable and continuously updated to manage the changes in website security and coding and will be a secure self contained system when wish to expand with online sales etc.

Their templates can be arranged and customised to create a bespoke look personal to you and your work using witty and elegant use of typography and layout accented with bold colour and subtle animation.

Negative – SQUARESPACE needs knowledge of css coding for personalised customisation. It has no back up system and the content cannot be easily transferred to a different platform.

ALTERNATIVELY A web developer can built a coded sytem to the specifications provided by the Graphic Designer, this needs to have the facility for the photographer or graphic designer to upload images easily and in quantity.